Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this module you should

  1. Understand what the command line is and its use in computing
  2. Understand the value of interacting with your computer through the command line
  3. Understand key terms related to the command line, such as “shell,” “terminal,” and “prompt”
  4. Be able to use a shell that accepts Unix-like commands whether you are using a Mac or Windows computer
  5. Be able to interact with your computer via the command line for simple tasks such as file system navigation, file creation and deletion, and file editing

Dates and Activities

Monday, January 29

Before class

In class

  • We’ll discuss Broad Band.
  • We’ll get ourselves accustomed to the terminal

Wednesday, January 31

Before class

  • Practice your command line skills. Try out some of the activities in the rest of this module if you’re feeling bold.
  • Take notes on any roadblocks you run into and questions that come up for you.

In class

  • We’ll have fun at the command line.

Friday, February 2

  • Group 2 small-group meeting.