Project Details

Each group will select a single passage or small group of related passages from the manuscript of Walden that Thoreau revised over the course of two or more draft versions.

Together, your group will carry out four tasks with respect to your selected passage or passages:

  1. Produce a valid TEI file that transcribes the portions of the manuscript pages relevant to your selected passage(s).
  2. Compose, in valid Markdown, a narrative of Thoreau’s revisions to the passage(s), using evidence and logic to support a hypothesis about the sequence of, motivation for, and effect of the changes on the published text of Walden.
  3. Publish your narrative to the Digital Humanities at Geneseo blog, incorporating valid IIIF image URLs both to illustrate key moments in the narrative and to highlight important evidentiary support for it.
  4. Report on your project to the class at our final meeting (May 14, 12:00–3:20 p.m.), explaining the reasoning and evidence behind your revision narrative and sharing details about obstacles and triumphs you encountered in the course of completing this assignment.

All group communications about your project must take place in your group’s Teams channel. You must collaborate on your blog post in the Google Colaboratory notebook that I’ve shared with your group.

TEI template file